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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hwy 62 Open Studio Tours Oct. 15 - 16

The catalogs are out!! Not much longer!  I think we are going to be in for some fabulous desert fall weather during art tours. My friend and plein air painter, Krista Wargo, and I are looking forward to this year's art tours as we both took a creative hiatus last year. It's always a good time.

I've fallen in love with analog, aka 'alternative', print-making methods and have barely scratched the surface of all that entails. I have not been able to get my darkroom/studio built this summer as I had planned (darned heat!). However, I will have some platinum/palladium prints to show and explain the process - marrying the digital world with the analog world....digital because those are the cameras I use to make the images and negatives on digital film / analog because that is how I print them using chemistry, sunlight, and unique fine art papers and other substrates (as in not the typical ink jet print on glossy/semi-glossy paper sent out to a commercial printing house - nothing wrong with it - I'm just smitten with the whole chemical process of days gone by...)

In addition to those, I may have more cyanotypes (way fun to make!), polaroid emulsion lifts from outdated polaroid film, and my better known archival ink transfers to cradled birch box frames and handmade papers. I've also made some lovely rustic frames to compliment the one-of-a-kind organic prints. There will be no commercially produced images and all (with the exception of 2 classic images of mine) have 10 or less prints made from the negatives. What I love most is I can print/transfer/lift the same captured image on different papers or other substrates and none look the same. Oh, and I have a small batch of 2017 calendars and a few mouse pads with my iconic images (ok, TWO commercially printed items). Fun stuff!

Come see us! 
October 15 and 16 / First Weekend
STUDIO #22 ~ 9am - 5pm both days.

Desert Lupine Dreams of Rain ~ From the "When the desert dreams" series

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