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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36

We've had some phenomenal winter weather of late....low to mid 60's, sunny with spots of warmth. Even the 50ish days are quite pleasant to be out in so there have been many hiking activities several times a week. The plants are confused. On my hike today, I saw many buds ready to erupt into tiny blossoms. The desert is always ready to leap into life when conditions are prime. We actually seem to have several 'blooming periods' centered around warmth and moisture. We've had the warmth, just no moisture other than high forming clouds now and again.

Still, I'm not ready for spring. Roughly this time last year, we had snow right about now - more like President's Day weekend, mid February. I haven't had enough snuggle in, settle down, and nurture my creative muse time yet. The desert is truly magical under a fresh blanket of snow. Not to mention, my snowshoes need a work out this winter yet.

Longing for cold, wintry days snuggled in by the fire....

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