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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekend to-do lists

A beautiful fall day today....not even close to feeling like Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. As I try to grapple with what needs to be done in preparation for family and friends, I also find a gnarly leak in my bathroom that has now seeped under the wall into my bedroom; the window panel to the back sunroom door has popped the seal; and there are critter hair bunnies everywhere. Didn't I just sweep and vacuum, like, yesterday? Oh, and there's the never ending garage that needs a major purging - again. If I didn't have to go out there to do laundry and get critter food - I wouldn't have to see it and push aside the guilt...


I step outside into my backyard, also in dire need of sprucing up, wanting to enjoy the last snippets of daylight and look up to find..........

Fall is seeping into winter. I like this view much better than the damp tiles in my bedroom.....