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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21

The winds have been howling here for nearly 24 hours. I'm not talking just windy. I'm talking the kind of wind that knocks down wood fences (that was last month's howling winds....). The kind that flings yard furniture to one end of the yard then changes directions and flings it back to the other side. The kind that can move a propane bbq grill down a brick walk then flip it over on its side. I was praying none of those items would be flung through my picture glass window. Not a lot of rest to be had when the winds batter us around like it has since very early this morning.

Today's post is one of my favorite desert flowers - desert bluebells or Phacelia campanularia.  A reminder that spring isn't too far away...

(Copyright Diana Shay Diehl. JTNP / Lost Palms Oasis trail)