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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 39

Well, this should be Day 40. I just couldn't bring it upon myself to post yesterday. And today is seeing me with chills, aches, coughing fits, and a fever. Yep. The flu. 6 of my students were absent today. 2 more left by lunch. One was hanging her head in tears on the way to be picked up at the end of the day. When I asked her what was the matter, she tearfully replied she wasn't feeling well. Good grief. I haven't had such rampant illness in one fell swoop in - maybe never? Oh, I can't forget about 2 nurse office visits - one who cut his finger while working on a project. The other, a nose bleed. So, that about makes 1/3 my class falling by the wayside. Will anyone be there tomorrow, I wonder....

So, this photo is about comfort and food. Yet, it's way more than that. This shot represents a 2 hour span of time that raised a little over $2000 for our local American Food Bank. Community members came from all corners of our basin to share a home cooked meal, take home a hand made pottery bowl, and give some time to those in need. Some made the bowls. Some made the soup. Some made bread. Others served. Most pitched in to clean afterwards. The rest gave their time and a few spare bucks. Take a little. Give some. Win-win that day.

This event represented shared energy and giving and no one cared what your zip code was. Not always so up here as a certain community of folks have lifted their pedestal of self importance over cause importance a bit higher than the rest as we seek to find balanced growth and living in this fragile oasis of our desert. Once everyone topples off their self proclaimed savior status and stops wasting their time pointing fingers at those they claim 'could care less' (some of us have jobs and homes and families to run...), they'll see we all pretty much stand on the same dirt - and what hurts one of us, will hurt all of us.

So, on this particular day, it was not only refreshing but reassuring that people can set aside their egos, give with their hearts, and be nourished themselves.

When I feel better, I'll share more of this soulful venture. It's pretty sweet - and, I believe, may become an annual event.....

Until then, enjoy this heart warming bowl of curried vegetable stew served up with much love in a beautiful hand thrown bowl....

2011©Diana Shay Diehl / Empty Bowls event: Morongo Basin