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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post Art Tours

Oh my! What a whirlwind few weeks... The Hwy. 62 Art Tours were a great success for me - and my friend I showed with. We had close to 200 people over the 2-day event. On Saturday, we literally had 10 minutes with no one in the studio. Just as I was about to make us some lunch, another wave came in.

Sunday had a steady stream of visitors with a much more mellow, relaxed feel. There seemed to be time to visit with just about anyone who wanted to chat and find out our stories even though our sign in log had 80+ signatures on it by the end of the day. I had fully intended to photograph every person who came by. I never had a chance to even pick up my camera.

Yes. We were that busy.

My favorite part of the day was talking with those who graced my space. Lovely, interesting people. Fellow artists. Friends and family members out enjoying the day together. Neighbors. Couples seeking original art to adorn their newly built homes or the walls of their offices. Seekers of new ideas themselves or simply wanting to get out and be inspired. The energy and vibe were upbeat, friendly, fun.

A side effect of communing with kindred spirits for 2 days was making some more than decent sales along with some commissioned requests. Both, a nice validation that I am on the right path. The dark, debilitating funk I've been in for months and months has dissipated.


The sunlight is streaming through.  My verve has been renewed....

Here is one image of a piece I sold. Love those red dots...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Making Art: An exchange of energy...

Oh goodness - between work and the usual day to day things and trying to prepare for our 2013 Hwy. 62 Art Tours in my desert basin - I barely remember to breathe...!

I just wanted to share a few photos of what I've been up to. It's been difficult to choose a focus for the tours - this being my first time participating as an artist. I had grand plans of sun printed fabrics and fine art prints and a pop up portrait studio and and and ......

SO, I decided to keep it simple. More importantly, I went with what I love to produce - the things that cause me to lose track of time when I'm playing with images and surfaces to print them on;  the kinds of images that speak simply to me. After all, art has an essence of its own. I can feel it when an artist gets too commercial and begins to spit out a multitude of works focusing on the sale. It lacks that kind of energy, for me, that makes me want to loosen those already-too-tight purse strings. I don't want this venture to be a commercial one - although, making some money back from my investment of time and resources would be welcomed - I am honored when someone wants something I've created to live in their space.

Art is an exchange of ideas, feelings, energy. It captures and documents a moment. A concept. An unspoken need to express something deep within. It lives and breathes an extension of its creator. It is much more than a purchase to give or display. It's a connection between the creator and the observer. When you bring home a work of art - whether it covers over half a wall or a corner on the bookshelf, you are bringing home a piece of that creator. The energy of that exchange and connection between you lives on.

I have been a "tourist" of our Hwy. 62 Art Tours for the entire 11 years its been held. There are studios I'd never visit again all due to bad energy and arrogant vibes of the artists. Unwelcoming. Not so much as a "Hello!", "Welcome!", "Thanks for stopping by!".  Snide remarks when my company and I left without making a purchase. It didn't matter how "beautiful" or intriguing a piece might be. The vibe was not the kind of spirit I wanted to see in my living space. By the same token, there are studios and artists I look forward to seeing every year because they are always welcoming; always kind. They take the time to speak with me while giving me room to appreciate and soak in their creations. I want to bring that home with me, whether I can afford the price tag or not. Often, I'll make sure I set aside some funding so I can when the moment moves me. Sadly, many of those favorite artists will be missed this year as I am showing the only weekend they are showing as well....

So here are some tidbits of what I've devoted many, many, MANY hours of my time lately. If you are in the area - I do hope you'll stop by as you enjoy this lovely desert I call home and visit other artist studios.

Hwy. 62 Art Tours  <-------- Click here for artist bios and locations of our studios.

My main pieces are 4"x4" images transferred onto wood blocks. The images are my photographs. The process takes me a minimum of 2 days to complete. What you see in this photo ---------------------------->
is the middle step of taking off the paper backing. The image is embedded onto the wood via a gel medium. The paper backing the image was originally printed on is removed by dampening and ever so gently rubbing off. Then, I seal each piece with a clear acrylic medium. I also use sun sensitive cyan paper to print images on from a negative or by placing tiny items on top. The arrangements are placed in the sun to develop and then I adhere them to wood blocks or canvas with an acrylic sealant.  Also, this image shows the color version. I was pretty happy with the richness still coming through the transferring process.

All works are personally signed and individually created.

<--------- Here are my first BW images which I transferred onto the 4"x4" wood blocks. I think they are still my favorite.

While I may repeat some of my more classic images, each piece has it's own unique feel. No two pieces are alike.

A finished piece with a handful processing and almost dry enough to begin the paper backing removal process ---------------------->

And here are some finished BW pieces. These are not photographs glued onto the surface. The images are actually lifted off the original printed source - paper in this case - and adhered to the wood block surface within the gel medium. I love how vintaged they turned out. Each piece is unique in how the wood shows through the image as well as some distressing in the transferring process.

I will also have cards with photo images on them and a limited amount of 2014 calendars. Today (once I finally log offline...), I plan to fire up my large format printer and see about printing some larger images - 11 x 14 to 12 x 18 - onto some lovely fine art matte green rag paper (which means it's environmentally friendly, recycled paper with a fabulous, sturdy, museum grade feel to it). Some might be framed but most will not. 

The sun printed fabrics with my images on them will have to wait until another time. When I get them ready, I'll post here where to find them. 

Looking forward to this event! I do hope to be able to meet some of you.  If you are not in the area and are interested in purchasing a 4"x4" transferred image onto wood (and I have any left), please email me and I will let you know what is available and how to ship it to you.