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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post Art Tours

Oh my! What a whirlwind few weeks... The Hwy. 62 Art Tours were a great success for me - and my friend I showed with. We had close to 200 people over the 2-day event. On Saturday, we literally had 10 minutes with no one in the studio. Just as I was about to make us some lunch, another wave came in.

Sunday had a steady stream of visitors with a much more mellow, relaxed feel. There seemed to be time to visit with just about anyone who wanted to chat and find out our stories even though our sign in log had 80+ signatures on it by the end of the day. I had fully intended to photograph every person who came by. I never had a chance to even pick up my camera.

Yes. We were that busy.

My favorite part of the day was talking with those who graced my space. Lovely, interesting people. Fellow artists. Friends and family members out enjoying the day together. Neighbors. Couples seeking original art to adorn their newly built homes or the walls of their offices. Seekers of new ideas themselves or simply wanting to get out and be inspired. The energy and vibe were upbeat, friendly, fun.

A side effect of communing with kindred spirits for 2 days was making some more than decent sales along with some commissioned requests. Both, a nice validation that I am on the right path. The dark, debilitating funk I've been in for months and months has dissipated.


The sunlight is streaming through.  My verve has been renewed....

Here is one image of a piece I sold. Love those red dots...