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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26

Every once in awhile, it pays to look up. Today, while pushing the grocery cart across the darkening parking lot with my head deep into what I needed to still get done today, I just happened to look up and to the west. What drew my attention that way, I'm not quite sure but what I saw made me stop dead in my tracks. This picture does the scene no justice as the cloud formation was HUGE and....even odder (is that a word?), it was the only cloud in the entire sky that I could see. There was barely a breeze on the ground yet the cloud's shape gave away the powerful swirling winds in the atmosphere. Glowing deep orange from the fading sunset, flanked by a sliver of the moon and the evening's first 'star', it was a mesmerizing presence. I heard a little boy ask his dad "What's that?" pointing upwards. The dad just answered, "A cloud." as he hurried his son into the store. Missed opportunity for an inspiring discussion, I am thinking...and then wondering how many of those I missed hurrying my own children along through their questions....

The cloud started to very slowly unwind from it's perfect cotton ball shape and looked as if someone was gently pulling it apart. Of course, the only camera near me was my iPhone - yet another reason why I'm glad I convinced myself to spring the bucks for one. I do hope someone local managed to capture it with a higher quality lens but, for now, this will do. Don't you find the skies absolutely fascinating? I do.

Imagine all the wonders we've missed keeping our heads down low and plodding along through our days...

 (Copyright Diana Shay Diehl 2012. Shot with an iPhone4)