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Monday, December 3, 2012


Have you ever had a day where everything seamlessly flowed? People were nice to you all day which made it easier for you to be nice - probably because you were nice to them to begin with? Someone let you know they were thinking of you - and you had been secretly hoping that they were? There's a vibe in the air you can't quite put words to but if you could - it would just be a string of hearts....

Today was like that for me. I felt realigned clear down to the most minute cell to my core. Of course, it also helped that my students completed one of my all time favorite holiday projects in record time, cleaned up their mess of a gazillion tiny snips of paper, and loved the project as much as I do (photos of that next installment....).

It's late. Past my week day bedtime. I should have finished up my report cards. Instead, I spent the evening designing a new wall calendar and a cover for a journal, and visiting with friends on Facebook. I love the quiet space of my kitchen in the wintry evenings. Candle burning. A cup of hot tea. Comforting sounds of the house - family pets wandering in and out to see what's going on, my son going about his nightly chores - homework, catching up with friends, getting ready for his day tomorrow.

I will leave you with a hastily taken iPhone shot of our sunset this evening. The view below is the open desert and sky I am blessed to see every day that I leave and return to my home. This is my neighborhood - a brief walk from my driveway to thousands of acres of wild lands. Breathing space.

Cotton candy skies tonight............ Yes, it was exactly these colors.

Thank you for my day. My heart is filled with gratitude.