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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 38

Energy. There is a lot of it in these photographs. Last September, we had a series of powerful thunderstorms come through the area over the course of several days. The photos people all over our desert basin captured were absolutely stunning. My daughter and I lay in our cul de sac, on our bellies, trying to time our photos just right to capture the action. Can't tell you how many times the shutter would click (long exposures of about 20-30 seconds) and then there would be this fabulous display of  a lightning frenzy.... Ah well. At least I managed to capture a few interesting ones. What's on 'film' is far more than my eyes could see when all the action was going on.

I didn't realize, until after reviewing these shots a few times, that there is more than one energy source illuminated in the frames. Can you figure out how many there are? At first, I only saw two different ones until a friend pointed out five or so more.

Capturing the energy....

(©Diana Shay Diehl)

What can I say....girls, just having a bit of fun. The energy is catchy...

(©Diana Shay Diehl)