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Monday, October 1, 2012

Launching a vision

Just a simple, picture-less post.... I launched my studio on Facebook today. It's time to take concrete steps towards exhibiting, creating more, and selling my works. It ain't gonna happen if I don't stick my neck out there!

The Facebook page will focus largely on sharing tips, what's new in the studio, and occasional giveaways to make it fun. Who doesn't like to win something now and again? I also am gathering pieces from different artists and their visions to use on my sun printed fabrics and other cool printable items. This excites me to no end! There are so many keen eyes out there, who feel the world with their lens in ways I cannot. Stay tuned to meet some soulful artists and how I am taking their captures and turning them into wearable, usable art, mini-books and the like.... a little something to make your world more beautiful...

If you are a Facebook user, come visit me here - and, please, share the word!


Mojave Light Studio on Facebook....

Okay, I lied. This isn't really a picture-less post. Here's one angle of my studio with my faithful conspirator in all things creative, the Tobster. Forgive me if I've posted this shot before. Every home has one spot where you simply feel good being in it. This is mine....it's in the center of my house, under a big picture window that gazes out my backyard into the desert hills. I can watch the storms come in from here, the hummingbirds at the feeder, and the rabbits torment Toby. The mojave sun warms my soul in the cold months and is shielded by the huge fruitless mulberry in the warm ones and my mind gets to wander all it wants....