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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Attitude shifting...

I'm a happy camper. Got my workflow tools up and running. The studio space is getting a facelift. Tufts of dog hair have been sucked up with the vacuum - again. Now, if only I can get a little respect for uninterrupted 'Me' time. I can get pretty grumpy.....

Things that make me smile: (or at least distract me from things that don't......)

This guy didn't flinch, no matter how close I got with the camera or how much noise I made. There was a fisherman on the bank below.  No doubt it was holding out for some freebie morsels.

On the other side of the causeway was a pack of ferral cats (are they called packs?). They lived in the rocks near the water. Water? Cats? Aren't they supposed to not like water so much? People left them dishes of water and food as well as blankets. The cats looked really healthy and didn't mind me around - probably hoping for some tidbits as well. This shot only shows about half of them. Since I didn't have any offerings for them, they weren't so interested in sticking around....
Just like a cat, isn't it?