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Monday, June 18, 2012

Then and now

Still feeling nostalgic for my east coast summer sojourns. I know, somewhere in my archives, that I have a very similar shot from maybe 35 or so years ago. The view is pretty much the same. The polaroid patina no different than a slight treatment in post processing on a digital shot taken barely a month ago.

This is a quintessential Atlantic beach scene....except this happens to also be the western facing shore of the Gulf of Mexico - Gulf Islands National Seashore to be exact. Still east coast in my book. I love how the powdery sand drifts against the fencing with seagrass delicately growing along the ridges and slopes. This scene was there back then and remains for now. It speaks of lingering by the seashore, wandering aimlessly in body and mind while the spirit renews. Summer.

 2012 ©Diana Shay Diehl / Gulf Islands National Seashore