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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Preserving a life well loved, Part 1...

These 'easier' summer days afford me the opportunity to play and perfect some new skills. This week was spent learning more techniques with photographing children. I was happy to see that many things I have already been practicing were presented in the workshop. That is always validating. And, it's always great to pick up something fresh as well.

Every photographer develops their signature style. I tend to want my images classically simple with black and white or sepia-ish tones or faded color. I don't care to sit in front of the computer for too long to 'fix' images - preferring to accomplish my vision using available light or using fill flash, diffusers, and reflectors while composing the scene in the camera. However, looking at the trends in more casual photo shoots, it is good to have an arsenal of skills and styles for clients to choose from even if it means using the processing programs for what they were created to do - make an image. Sometimes, just a slight shift in focus via cropping makes all the difference in the world between a good image and one that draws you in to its essence, making it a great image - one that tells you who the people are.

 Because this was a lifestyle project photographed in my client's home, every one of the photographs below had many distractions in the whole scene originally captured. By cutting that out and not being afraid to get in close to the subjects or isolating certain elements in the original scenes, you can better feel what is going on.

So why hire a professional photographer when there are a gazillion easy to use digital cameras and apps making it easier for everyone to capture their own moments?  Glad you asked that. 

I will answer that question in my next blog post...

Here are a few images from a family lifestyle shoot I did earlier this summer. This couple is expecting their 3rd child. It's tough to try to get everyone (meaning toddlers and preschoolers) to be on the same page; looking where you want them to look, posing the way you'd like them to pose, and keeping everyone upbeat and sane (meaning mom and dad) at the same time. Being flexible and spontaneous is key; remain totally aware of the energy that is happening, and have that finger on the button at all times!

Preserving the moments and capturing the love....

...all in a day's work.