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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 60

My 60th post! And it's time to change it up a bit. I have some new ideas on the burner and am anxious to put them into fruition. With that mentioned, my original photo-a-day turned post-a-day turned a photo-post-when-I-get-to-it will now be once a week. In a rambly sort of way, I am fine-tuning what I need to get out of this project...

I appreciate all the support, candid comments and suggestions, so far, from my readers. What has been really cool is that you all come from all corners of this magnificent planet of ours - countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada - and a few countries I had to look up!  So, thank you, my silent supporters. I hope you have seen something intriguing and inspirational. I'd be curious to hear some thoughts now and again from you.

Today's 60th post is another example of Chiaroscuro...probably my favorite one. This particular shot evokes warm feelings and very pleasant smells for me. My daughter and I shared a wonderful week flitting through the Mojave Desert Preserve on our way to and from Zion National Park. Alongside the road were these tall stands of flowers as well as sprinkled all over the trails in Zion - orchid-like in a way with a strong, sweet scent. Most of the stalks were nearly 3 feet tall.  Amazing to me is that it was a hot, hot mid June day; a time seeing prolific stands of flowers anywhere in the desert is not often seen. I should get better at finding out exact names of things. Sorry about that. I'm an image/feeling person, not a details kinda gal. However, I would like to know what they are, too.....

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PS For those who asked, yes, many of my images are for sale and can be printed. I am working on a location for direct sales but for now, contact me directly and we can discuss what size, paper type, presentation type you would like.