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Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 June 2012

This is definitely an east coast site that I have missed in my 25+ years now living on the west coast.....

I don't know of any places along the California coast, in particular, with fencing like this. We definitely don't have this fine powdered, pure white sand. Did you know that much of the sands of the Florida beaches come from weathering of the quartz in the Appalachian Mountains? They are washed into the rivers that flow into the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Fragments of shells, limestone, coral, and organic matter will give beaches different colors and textures but it's the pure white powdery stuff - like fine sugar - that is nearly pure quartz crystals.

I chose to 'antique' this particular shot. The actual version is pure white with a slight blue tinge due to the reflection of sky and turquoise waters.  Either way, this is nostalgia for me...

2012 © Diana Shay Diehl / Naval Air Station Beach, Pensacola, FLA