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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 52

Okay, so I can't stick to a photo-post a day. Hence, the title change to "...one post at a time...."  I guess that covers my ----.....

My apologies for being AWOL of late. I needed to give myself permission to be still. Heal. Detach. I injured my ribs last week - part coughing fits from the residual effects of a flu I endured. Part boulder hopping while having one of those coughing fits. Add my inability to say no and allow others' projections of discontent to roll off my shoulders and my body was a knotted mess.  A little down time. Some quiet reflection. A lot of sleep. A better diet. And a dash of a few moments well spent with people who know me and love me anyway and I'm good to go. In fact, the only 'pain' I'm feeling is just under the right rib cage - and only when I cough. In time, this too shall heal - and it is well on its way. I feel the energy stores filling up and ready to roll.....

Here is a new direction I am headed. Impressionistic photographs. No 'Photoshopping' or other 'tweaking'. Just using the camera as my paintbrush.

My absolute favorite country road on a dreary California winter afternoon......

© Diana Shay Diehl