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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25

My favorite place to breakfast while I'm in Cambria, California is at Lily's ...a sweet little cafe in the heart of town. Every Saturday morning, during the summer, Virginia's granddaughter makes crepes for us. A cappucino, made from scratch crepe - that day, I chose mine to be drizzled with fine dark chocolate - and summer scents wafting in from the Garden Shed next door make for a morning worth lingering over.  This is usually where I go after a long walk along the coastal bluffs - watching for sea otters snoozing in the kelp beds or sea lions warming their bodies on the rocks. If it's foggy and cool, even better knowing the desert heat that awaits me when I get back home...

I'll occupy my mind with memories like these as I continue to get over this bloody cold.......

(Copyright Diana Shay Diehl. Lily's Coffee in Cambria, CA)