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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving forward

Greetings.....just a quickie post for today. I often wonder where my art venture would be if I wasn't so consumed with those things I must do in my 'regular' career - the one that pays the bills. Actually, I love the creative end of teaching and how the students keep me striving to find better ways for them to expand their learning and make it fun. That actually fuels my creativity and we do enjoy our time together. It's the other 'stuff', like being popular over being professional, bad politics, and judgement based on gossip that drains the life force....  But hey, I'm not here to kvetch. No! I'm here to share the tidbits coming in that move me yet one more step closer to my next destination......

My first product other than fine art prints and portraits - 2013 calendars! The calendars feature photos indigenous to the area I live in - my perspective - and each month has a different image. I'm generally pleased with the quality but will continue to seek other printing methods and styles - quality with affordability. I also designed some business cards, stationary, and a client log book to keep me motivated, organized, and moving forward. I've finally made my dream official! My tax guy will be proud of me...

A few of my readers have inquired as to how to purchase the calendars and soon-to-be completed sun print fabrics. For local folks, you can buy direct from me or through a local art/collectibles shop in my town. When I square away the details with the owner, I will post the details here. For anyone else, I am looking into a PayPal account or some other type of online purchasing set up, perhaps something like Etsy as some of my other artist friends use.  In most cases, I do all the printing myself (except for specialty products like calendars). I like creating one thing at a time verses feeling like a production line. I only printed a limited amount of calendars. When this set sells out, I will create another set of different images and style. I'll let 'Wally-world' and the like have the factory produced effects while keeping to things with a quieter, more unique appeal.

Quickie post? Guess not this time. I should have known better...

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