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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28

Today's post is a fond memory. During the summer of 2006, I accompanied my daughter and a handful of her high school compadres along with a few adults to the other side of our world. Many great memories of our weeks down under but my favorite were of our trip to Fraser Island, near the Barrier Reef in the northeastern part of Australia. They bost it being the world's largest sand island. The place we stayed, an eco resort - Kingfisher Bay Resort, was to die for. The shower was 3 sides glass looking out into the rain forest with a wood floor. The rooms were Zen spacious with strategically placed windows to draw in all the rich green from outside. However, the property was fenced in as to keep the dingos out. We were warned not to wander around at night and definitely not alone. Some of us did anyway. I think we made too much of a racket heading home from the one and only pub on that side of the island, anything wild would stay out of our way. What impressed me the most was how pristine and spacious the grounds, beaches, and lakes were. Much of Australia reminds me of California - in the days, I'm sure, before people flocked here and paved over the land and dirtied the air.

Longing for an adventure...

Boardwalk to pier, looking out to Hervey Bay
Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

 (Copyright 2006 Diana Shay Diehl)