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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Look closely

Looks like there is no slowing down in 2015. Thought I'd pop in and let you all know what's been up in my absence.

Besides the throes of a working girl, getting over a lively holiday season, and spending spontaneous fun-time with my adult kids, I'm preparing for my works to hang in the local county courthouse offices; planning a trip to Tuscany; prepping for a photography class I get to teach in Joshua Tree National Park; and playing with polaroid film and sun sensitive papers. I've finally finished up a slew of portrait shoots over the holidays so now I have time to hunker down and hone a body of work that has been dancing around in my head for months.

I've been such a hermitess lately - work > home > dog walk > work > groceries > home > dog walk  > work > family > work... Ever have those times when you just hole up for long periods of time and people start to forget about you?  I like to think of it as reflective, decompressing, creative incubating time, but need to remind myself, force myself, back out into the public realms to reconnect with people I do enjoy and care about. Then again, I am a solid introvert so that time is quite necessary.... Many people don't understand it. They assume you are being a snob, a bitch, moody...pick a demeaning adjective, it gets flung. You may have felt it yourself from time to time - the need to explain yourself because few 'get you' or are capable of seeing the depth beneath the quiet, sometimes aloof exterior.

Oh well. Toby loves me, no matter what I'm doing or not doing... even without treats ;-)

For my spring show, I am thinking of hanging a body of work depicting one of my favorite desert subjects: patina and rust. There are enough snapshots and thoughtful captures of joshua trees, boulders, and sunsets. I don't care to shoot them, preferring to enjoy the scene with my own eyes as the light dances on the mojave sand or a well-captured scene from someone else. I've always liked taking pieces of a whole - those more interesting parts overlooked because we are so distracted with the whole scene or just too 'busy' to look.

These look great in printed on fiber based matt paper. Very rich and organic. I always see something different each time I observe. I'm looking forward to seeing them hang on the courthouse office walls this spring.

What does your imagination tell you? Look closely.....

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