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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Capturing the love

Day 3 of the 3-pieces-of-art-a-day-for-5-days I have been challenged with.

This time I decided to post portraits I've done. Is that considered "art"? My photographer friends would say yes. There is always a debate about photography being "art". It's not done with paints or brushes or canvas or drawn by hand so many in the art world would argue it is not art. The word photography is made up of 2 ancient Greek words meaning "light" (photo) and "drawing" (graph). Drawing with light. The camera is our tool - our brush if you will. And the surface we place our images on - fine papers, wood, glass, fabric, metal, ceramics, and yes, canvas. Can that not be "art"?

It all started about 6 years ago when colleagues of mine asked me to take their family photo with another family they were close with. They were moving back east and wanted a memento. Since then, I've been privileged to photograph many families and artists. Each time, I learn something new - a different perspective, better ways to engage with my subjects, finding the right light, capturing a look, a feeling, a moment...

I think I enjoy making portraits for people because I have so few of my own with me in them. I'm always on the other side of the lens. When I was married, my children's dad would never take a photo of me with the kids unless I made a fuss of it. My memories of me with my children as babies on up are left in the photocells of my brain instead of a photo album or nicely framed print....

I get it when people aren't comfortable picking up the camera to take that memorable shot. We get distracted, busy, self-conscious. And then there are those who are comfortable capturing the moments but rarely get in those memories themselves. I'm here to help tell a story. The best part is seeing my client's faces when they realize they look pretty good in a photo or didn't really see a particular behavior in their child as they were trying to get them to behave while I was snapping away.

Either way, it's just fun.

I had a difficult time finding just 3 for this challenge post. If I were to review all my files again, I'm sure I'd pick 3 different ones. But, here they are - genuine, spontaneous moments of people who have graced my life...

#1. Photo bomb! I love this one. Largely because I know how tough it was for us to create a serene moment with just dad and mom and soon-to-be-born baby. This says it all about the joys and challenges of growing families, and it all spells Love.

#2. The boys in this family are a bit older and taller now. The natural way they all posed tells volumes about their relationship with each other. It warms my heart with hope every time I meet a family so deeply connected and in love with each other...

#3. My most recent portrait shot just last December. One big family divided into 4 smaller family units. My first photo shoot of this size. The challenge was a flat gray-overcast day with occasional peeps of sunlight - just enough to wreak havoc on my settings; black shirts and jeans;  and one person with shockingly turquoise blue hair. It was fun. I like the classic, timeless black and white treatment we agreed on for this shot. The color version was neat, too, but if you want to highlight the faces, classic black and white pulls out all the distractions of busy scenes and brings it all together.

Okay, so there are only supposed to be 3 art shots a day. I have to sneak this one in. These spunky little girls were a hoot to capture. Always animated. Always moving. We had a most beautiful fall day at the preserve. Sisters. The little one emulated everything the older one did. I hope they always stay this close.

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