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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chasing rainbows? Nope. Not this time...

In search of....

This morning found us shrouded in this stuff. Thick. Wet. Beautiful. And very much needed as our local mountain wilderness area, San Jacinto, is engulfed in a week long, raging fire. We desert dwellers get as excited about clouds and rain as a Northwestern dweller cheers for the sun.

The most magical scenes emerge through the mist.


I lingered too long at home. Charged my battery. Yakked with my visiting daughter, trying to talk her into recreating our fog capturing escapade last January. Hedged on what camera, what lens to bring. Just had to post my pending adventure on Facebook. THEN, I ventured out - in search of that unique capture of my mystical desert. Like it was going to wait for me?

I piddled an hour too long.

Here is what I managed to capture. Still unique-ish but not the spectacular find of last winter. The smell of sage and creosote and cedar and wet rock was prize enough for this early, but not early enough, morning in my desert. That and the quiet so deep your heart can breathe...

The fog was quickly retreating. I was hopeful that it would be waiting for me at the top of Key's View...

....and it was. What you don't see in the upper gray half is Mt. San Jacinto as well as the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs below. In the center of the above photo is a steep canyon descending to the near sea level desert floor.  I was really hoping that this thick, damp blanket was working wonders on squelching the fire on the distant mountain top.

Here the fog is thinning a bit and you can make out the desert valley floor - but still not Mt. San Jacinto (10, 833 ft.) across the way - or Mt. San Gorgornio (aka Old Greyback), standing at 11,503 ft. to the west.

My morale to this story:

When it comes to weather, don't dither.

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