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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Taste of Austin, TX

Back. From several days in Austin, Texas - visiting a good friend my daughter and I met a few years ago while on a trip to Australia. I'm in the midst of unpacking and a multitude of other to-dos on my list so this will be a brief glimpse into my days there.

Austin is the capital of Texas - surrounded by rolling green hills, trees, trees, trees and lots of creeks and  rivers. It is also home to UT - University of Texas @Austin. Quite a sight for these small town desert eyes. But what impressed me the most - besides their incredible music venue that seems to run 24/7 - are the colors of old amidst the impending new. Everywhere I looked, there was some intriguing, cozy spot to eat, hear music, or both at the same time. And everyone is warm, open, and friendly. Particularly interesting, to me, was the use of trailers as eateries. I hear the older, funkier buildings are quickly being torn down and replaced with high rise towers. Now I wish I had spent more time photographing the iconic images....

Next trip.

Here is just a bit for now. More coming...

You can't experience the south without having some good ol' fashioned fried chicken.
When it's made right, it's not as greasy as you might think.  Soul food.

<-------- This building is a gallery for neon signs now. And yes, that orange is that orange in real life. Still.

Well, isn't That Fantastic?!
What? Isn't that what everyone uses WTF for?

(Incidently, that neon sign is inside the building with the orange side doors posted above.) -------------------------------->

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