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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mystical Mist

Hello dear viewers, near and far....

Just a quick post today. I am blown away by the responses to this image. I posted this on my studio Facebook page, Mojave Light Studio, and within 24 hours it received over 1,300 views and over 200 likes! Wow.

A weather front blew in rain and fog to my desert this past weekend. We lost power on Friday night from around 10pm to nearly 6am Saturday morning. Luckily, this weather front did not include sub freezing temperatures! The sounds of the house coming back to life with the power surge awakened me earlier than I would have liked on Saturday morning. However, being that I went to sleep at a decent hour the night before, I awoke refreshed and ready for the day - before the sun rose. The fog floating by my windows intrigued me. The distant mountains were playing peek-a-boo as the rising sun lightened shades of gray. My daughter, also a shutter bug enthusiast, was game to make a few mugs of hot tea and venture out to explore the foggier parts of our desert basin.  She gets being in the moment.

There is something so magical, so ethereal about being in the 'clouds'. The quiet is so rich, our ears rang. The wet desert smelled of sage and creosote and pinion and juniper. As the sun warmed up the mist, we chased what was left from one end of the basin to the other - up towards our beloved Joshua Tree National Park.  It's tricky to shoot in shades of gray without having a lot of blank and boring white space. As we were heading back down the Key's View Road, back towards home - to a warm fire and more hot tea - I spotted this view. Yes. It looked as mystical, as eerie, and as surreal as what you see.

We don't get many days like this.....

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