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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life of Di

Today is my birthday. My oldest kids couldn't be home due to their work schedules but our hearts connected anyway. My youngest son and a close friend treated me to a movie followed by dinner. The movie was Life of Pi. I had not read the book and sort of had the gist of what it was about. Sort of. It made me laugh a few times but mainly it tugged at my heart - in a big way. Actually it was perfect for a birthday movie...especially one that is nearly square in the middle of the path from 50 to 60. While I have always been one to ponder the meaning of life and my role in it, never more so than these past couple of years. Life of Pi was a good reminder of many things....and the main message for me is it all depends upon our perspective. Our perspective and our attitudes are about all we can control - really. I am so blessed with a beautiful family and a multitude of friends who love me just the way I am. The rest - doesn't matter so much.

Here's to 54 richly lived years.

2013©James Jared Taylor

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