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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Out of procrastinating comes....

'Tis the season for......report cards, holiday planning, prepping the house for guests and festivities. I am a tried and true procrastinator - which means my report cards will be completed, well, before the deadline as will, maybe, everything else.

What did I do with my anything-but-sit-for-a-few-hours-and-fill-out-bubbles-on-the-computer time?  I created a web page to sell some of my favorite images! I've been searching for viable and quality ways to have my works produced in other means than my own printer as well as a place for my clients to purchase their portraits for themselves and other family and friends.

Welcome to Fine Art America! - a world wide site with some pretty incredible artworks from all over the globe. Please visit and share what you think as I continue to develop my galleries and offerings.

No photo today. I need to get back to my report cards.......but not until after Toby and I take a walk on this blustery and cool late-fall day.

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