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Monday, October 29, 2012

Art touring...

Our community just experienced the annual Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours. This happens every fall around the end of October when over 100 artists open their studio spaces for folks to wander through, be inspired, make new friends, run into old ones, and - hopefully - take home a piece or two to bless their own spaces with.

Some years, I try to hit as many studios as I can. I've yet to experience all of them. Other years, I barely make it out to visit my favorite artist pals. This year was one of those years. I think I made it to less than 10 in all - not even making it fully east to some of my favorite folks. Just wasn't in the cards this go 'round...

The art tours is such a special venue. It's way more than checking out art for your own inspiration or to adorn your abode with. It is a holistic experience that includes taking in the expansive beauty of our unique desert, meaningful conversations with artists and patrons alike, making new acquaintances, reconnecting with former ones - full days of being intrigued, surprised, entertained, or just quietly soaking it all in.

Over the years, I've experienced the tours alone and with company. Sometimes I just want to meander on my own, not particularly feeling like engaging in conversation but just getting a feel for how each artist expresses their life experiences through their medium. Other times it's nice to have someone along who can open you up to new and different perspectives. I did both this year - one day with a friend, another solo. And while I didn't make it to many studios, the experiences were delightfully rich for me. I ran into several 'old' friends and had some much needed catching up time with lots and lots of hugs. I got to know some acquaintances better. And, I met some kindred spirits along the way I know I will enjoy sharing creative exchanges with in the future.

I didn't take photos on all my excursions. Here are a few from my first weekend outing. If you ever get this way in late October, I hope you can make time to experience our Open Studio Tours. And, if you are a 'local' - I hope you will make time next year to indulge your senses and expand your perspective with a meander among the creative spaces tucked here and there in this special place I am happy to call my home....

The studio of Tina Bluefield. If I'm short on time, this is the one studio I try not to miss. Tina's art is both soothing and inspiring to me. There is such peace and tranquility in her space, her art, and her person. I always feel so good when I visit Tina. She is a lovely soul and it shows in what she does. Check her works out here: http://www.tinabluefield.com/

I met Moira Fain in my former hiking group. Hailing from New York, Moira recently migrated to the tranquil open spaces of our high desert. Moira is an artist in illustrations, assemblage, collage, and sketch.  For the art tours, she expanded to making modern metal mobiles - everything cut, polished, painted, twisted, and perfectly balanced by hand. I love her new studio space. Spacious, clean, open, very fresh. And she's a pretty cool person to hang out with, too! To give you a feel of Moira's past accomplishments, you can check out her works here: http://moirafain.com/

The studio of Steven Rieman is absolutely stunning. He is an amazing metal sculpture artist among many other things. Everything he does is in perfect balance. In this shot, I ran into 2 fellow artists and important behind the scenes folks who did major work putting the art tours together. It was nice to see them out and enjoying the tours after many months of hard work. One of the perks of attending the tours is definitely the social aspect... You can check out more of Steven's amazing talent here: http://www.riemansculpture.com/

This photo doesn't do the studio space of Melissa Spurr and her husband, Peter,  any justice. Melissa's photography is stunning. Lively, quirky fun, rich colors. I'm happy to say I have a piece of her work hanging in my own home. Art is both a luxury and a necessity. The tipping factor, to me, is when I establish a relationship with the artist - I can appreciate their artistic energy that much more and then will I find the means to bring that into and grace my home. If artists really want to sell their works, they need to make those connections with people and Melissa has a natural ability in connecting genuinely with people.  It didn't hurt to have Hansel and Gretel there to greet and engage the guests either... You can check out more of Melissa's works at her website here: http://www.atomicbloom.com/
2012 all images ©Diana Shay Diehl


Anonymous said...

Your photos and post capture it well, Diana. The studio tour is one of the many things I really miss about the Morongo Basin. Thanks for sharing! Howard

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful pics! Especially the photo of Anne in Tina Bluefield's studio! Thanks for shedding "Mojave" light on the art tours.

Janis Commentz