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Saturday, October 13, 2012


5000 views today. I am honored. Not bad for a teeny little out-in-the-wide-open-beautiful-boondocks blog. Thanks for sharing the journey so far.

Also today, I FINALLY put some of my prints and calendars into an art/collectibles shop here in my town. Signed the contract and all. I figured if I didn't make a more concrete move then I might never. Enough of the talk of ideas. Time to put it all into real time. The creative spirit needed a push off the tuffet.

This little guy, whom I've shared his story way earlier in this blog, needs to be resurrected. I've got my last 5x5 metallic prints out for sale. He yearns to be big and bold again to continue his tale...

"Coyote Pup", 10x10 image / 16 x 20 framed, Southwest Art Show
3rd Place winner ~ photography category. ©Diana Shay Diehl

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