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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unsung heroes...

Home again. It was a treat to get away to a place that nourishes my creativity and rests the weary bod. Not only did I gain some valuable experience and insight on a whole new twist for my images, but I found a gallery willing to carry my work. And then, after a warm welcome from all who dwell in my humble abode, the mail has brought me a book, a publication on women's history in California that used one of my images to illustrate one of our local famed pioneer spirits, Minerva Hoyt.  Pretty exciting to see one's work published and in an insightful, historical document at that.

For those of you interested in history, particularly of the trailblazing kind, you may wish to check out Women Trailblazers of California: Pioneers to the Present by Gloria G. Harris and Hannah S. Cohen. This book is published by The History Press. (You can learn more and purchase the book from clicking the highlighted link - and no, I do not get royalties so I'm not pushing this book for my benefit. It's just great nonfiction literature.)   

I found this a rich, informative read that is easy to understand. One gets an intimate feel of the architects, settlers, activists, community leaders, entertainers, and suffragists - all women - who worked tirelessly to help shape the social and physical landscape of California with little to no recognition. A few names may be familiar in this book. Many will not. I am seeing this state, in which I live, in a whole new light - in spite of our current political and economic status....

 Hot off the press!

This photo of Minerva Hoyt, the woman responsible for preserving this special piece of desert now  Joshua Tree National Park, is the mural that graces the front wall of JTNP Oasis Visitor Center/Headquarters in Twentynine Palms. In real life, this mural is quite spectacular. The colors are vibrant and change with the direction and angle of the sun.

If you do order and read this book, I'd be curious to know your review of it.
Thank you for reading my post today....

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Congratulations! The book looks very interesting - as a 3rd generation Californian, I am partial to the Golden State's unique geographical and cultural heritage!!