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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 April 2012

Oak trees. The Celtic peoples revere oaks to be the most sacred and powerful of all trees. They believe it to hold the true alignment of balance, purpose, and strength. The Celts are my people from long ago, on my father's side. Well, not too long ago. My grandfather came here directly from Ireland as a young lad. I wish he were still alive. I'd know what kinds of questions to ask now...

The photo in this post is of the largest oak tree in the national park where I live. It's located at the Live Oak day use area. However, the actual "live oak" is a short scrub oak about 20 or so feet to the right of this giant one.  This tree, according to the ecologist who taught the class that particular weekend, is a bit of a 'mystery tree' as it's not genetically related to the other oaks in the park (if I remember the discussion correctly). Although, I'm inclined to think Live Oak refers to this quiet giant as far as park guides go.  I can't remember how old this tree is, but it's old. It stands in a deep sandy wash, flanked by granite boulders on one side, an interesting assortment of cacti, desert plants, and rock formations on another, and the parking pad slightly above. This tree has seen many floods, wind storms, temperature extremes, critter invasions, curious humans, rising moons, and setting suns. And yet, it has continued to grow tall and strong. Its roots stretching far out as if to anchor and balance itself among the boulders and neighboring vegetation while the sudden desert flash floods rage around it and the winds batter its branches, seemingly unscathed in the end. Kind of reminds me of finding solace in family, faith, self, and true friends (not always in that order) when the sneaky flash floods of human unkindness, deceit, and selfishness try to chip away at the foundation...

That boulder underneath it is a great sittin' and contemplatin' spot. Or, a just sit and watch what comes by you spot. Or, a nap against it spot. Or, rest against it while visiting with a fellow hiker spot. Or, simply sit and think of - nothing. I wish I had shot a photo with someone sitting on it. You could then see the size comparison. As it was, I had a tough time capturing all of it in the frame of my camera.  I think you get the picture.......

2012 © Diana Shay Diehl

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