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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 46

Long day today - sub shortage which meant no prep time for me. Women's restroom backed up into a small pond of sewage on the floor meant crossing the legs for a longer period of time than usual. Inclement weather schedule meant no breaks and staying indoors. All this followed by a 3 hour association board meeting before I was allowed to go home...

All in all, my students and I managed to have some fun. I wish I had taken pictures of my students' work from this afternoon's impromptu art/writing activity - a tear art project showing what 'snow-people' dream of doing/being.... Some were surfing; some roasting marshmallows; a few were NBA stars; one was a teacher; a couple were "rich", counting their mountain of dollar bills; one was a Sea World trainer; one was throwing snowballs at humans; another was "dancing with the stars", complete with two disco balls.... You'd have to see it in person to get the humor in it. We laughed a lot today. It pays to be flexible and live in the moment. Had it been a "normal" day....I would have missed all this.

One quick remnant shot - leftover this morning from yesterday's snow event..... Gone before noon.

© Diana Shay Diehl - 'Snow Still Life'

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