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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 45

Silence. Is anything ever devoid of sound? However, there are moments when the absence of racket is pleasantly noticeable - so much so, the ears ring with it. When it snows, the blanket of white muffles what we are accustomed to constantly being bombarded with. So, so nice....

Tonight, as the rain mixed with snow, then turned to only snow, then mixed with rain, then just rain fell again - I sat in silence and watched it envelop the desert. Even if just for a moment. Who knows what I'll see in the morning. Perhaps not a trace. Perhaps so much I can't back out of my driveway. Either way, I had a few moments of peace. Away from duties. Away from mouthy, thankless teenage sons. Away from everyday demands. Enough to fill the gaps with silent wonder and offer a moment of rest.

Thank God for that.

2012 © Diana Shay Diehl w/iPhone4 camera


desert argonauta said...

Diana--I have been enjoying your photos and blog sooo much! Great work! Janis Commentz

Diana said...

Thank you Janis!