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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 44

Happy Valentine's Day! A day more happily anticipated than Christmas, almost, if you are 8-9 years old. I watched my tribe of 30 open and read each and every Valentine received - followed by giggles and lots of happy chatter. They take their Valentine selections very seriously. Can't send the wrong message. Need to make sure your favorite friends get the 'right' one.  They even spoiled me today.  Small boxes of chocolates, specially picked out cards, stuffed critters (the dancing sock money was my fav - he wasn't out yet when I took the pic, but he's in that green bag to the right...) and hand-drawn pictures with sincere messages. All given in friendship and sweetness. Why doesn't that sentiment stay on as we grow older? When did many of us become so cynical and closed.....

Valentine's Day....from the hearts of children......  

Hope yours was filled with love, warmth, and friendship.  Mine was. xoxo

 2012 © Diana Shay Diehl

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Rosa said...

Too sweet...it is funny how it meant so much to us as kids.