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Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37

Home. For somebody. It always amazes me how desert dwellers manage to eek out shelter and where one finds it. Is that snow or sand, you think? No, this is part of the salt flats just before the community of Amboy as one heads northeast of 29 Palms.... The structure was, most probably, a shelter for workers harvesting the salt. If one is headed to Las Vegas 'the back way' from my end of the desert, this is a common site / sight. It is also part of the history and lore of Route 66. My daughter and I stopped to explore on our return trip from Zion. The quiet hurt my ears. Not one car passed us on that hot, hot June day. Hard to imagine living there on such a day so very long ago..... I love my solitude but I don't think that scene is for me.

Imagine this next time you use your table salt.....

(©Diana Shay Diehl - Amboy salt flats)

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