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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17

Sometimes, after a 3 day weekend,  it is difficult to get back into the work groove. Today was like that for me. My head was still in this place, one of my favorite hikes in Joshua Tree National Park - the North View / Maze Loop trail - which I did with fellow wanderers like myself yesterday. These panoramic shots certainly don't do the area justice. Hopefully, they give you a feel for the expansiveness of the area.... Talk about space to clear your head and breathe a little deeper and slower. It can be quite humbling. 

Everyone needs a breathing space. This is one of mine. Where are yours?

Enjoy the view. This chica's tired. Over and out.......for now.

 (Copyright Diana Shay Diehl. Joshua Tree National Park)

(Copyright Diana Shay Diehl. Joshua Tree National Park)


desert argonauta said...

These are really nice- I love panoramas! As the lighting is very nice! Thanks for giving us something special to look forward to!!
Janis Commentz

Diana said...

Thanks Janis! I really appreciate your taking the time to read my posts and comment your sentiments.