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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10

(Copyright by Diana Shay Diehl. Taken with a Canon 30d; 24-70Lmm/f.2.8. 29 Palms, California)

The desert scape can make one feel mighty small. Especially when the skies put on their show. This same scene, with clear blue skies, would not be as dimensional - kind of "desert drab" as those with unskilled eyes would say. A slight shift in light, a dramatic sky ready to unload it's heavy burden, changes everything. It is not at all flat and 'boring' out here. I'd honestly have to say, that my 25+ years living out west has taught me to see and hear things I have only rushed past before.  

Sssssh. Be still for a moment. What can you see now?

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